Youngblood #1 - 1992 - Image Comic - FN

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  • Youngblood #1 - 1992 - Image Comic - FN
  • Youngblood #1 - 1992 - Image Comic - FN
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Youngblood #1 - 1992 - Image Comic

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In Washington, a young man and his girlfriend are walking in the mall. A thief grabs a handbag from someone nearby, and the man, whose name is Jeff, runs after him. Tackling the man, he is about to be shot by an assassin o a nearby rooftop, but when someone shouts a warning, Jeff grabs a pen from his pocket and throws it at the assassin, hitting him in the neck. Checking the assassin, Jeff can find no ID. However, he gets a call from HQ, and has to run off.

In Baltimore, Bedrock is having breakfast with his mother. He gets a call from HQ and has to leave as well. His mother wishes him well.

At a secret underground vault in Arlington, Diehard is freed. He vows to make better use of his freedom "this time".

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