X-Men #114 - First Use of "Uncanny" on Cover Title - 1978 - Marvel Comic - GD

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X-Men #114 - First Use of "Uncanny" on Cover Title - 1978 - Marvel Comic

Good Condition - Some cover/spine wear

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Continued from last issue.. Lost in Antarctica and despite seemingly hopeless odds, the Beast has forced himself to his feet and is carrying an unconscious Phoenix through a snowstorm. In the distance, he spots a helicopter from a research base, although they are definitely too far away to see the two heroes. The Beast revives Phoenix, hoping she can generate a lightshow to attract them. Rattled, she recalls that Scott and the rest of the X-Men were buried and she desperately blasts away at the ground in an effort to dig them out. The helicopter pilot sees her flamebird effect and comes to their rescue but the Beast insists that rescuing the other X-Men is a hopeless cause; they are certainly dead...

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