X-Factor #9 - 1986 - Marvel Comic - VG

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X-Factor #9 - 1986 - Marvel Comic

Very Good Condition

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This story is continued from last issue...

Following their clash with X-Factor in Central Park, the Freedom Force have cornered wanted mutant Rusty Collins and his new friend the Morlock known as Skids. However, the refuse arrest and Rusty and Skids flee as Rusty explains to her that X-Factor is trying to help him. X-Factor meanwhile leaves Central Park and finds them cornered by adoring fans of their "mutant hunting" exploits and Trish Tibly's news crew asking questions. When a police officer thanks them for helping out, they ask why the Avengers weren't called in when they were down the street, and the officer tells them that he considers them as much a menace as mutants. As Scott and the others work their way in the direction that Rusty had fled and they realize that what they are doing as X-Factor appears to make people more fearful of mutants than ever before. As they go, they recognize Magneto as he is entering the Hellfire Club building. With Rusty a more important concern they are forced to leave, wondering why Magneto (now affiliated with the X-Men) would be going to visit some of their most brutal foes.

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