X-Factor #32 - First Appearance of N'astirh - 1988 - Marvel Comic - VG

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X-Factor #32 - First Appearance of N'astirh - 1988 - Marvel Comic

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The Avengers are on the scene of their former headquarters as part of the ceremony donating it to the city as green space. Witnessing the events are members of the alien Xartan race who have come to shake hands with the Avengers on site to get templates of their forms and abilities. Teleported back to their ship above the Earth, the Xartan's transform into carbon copies of the Avengers for their leader Lord Zano. Zano explains to them that they are to go to Earth posing as the Avengers in a revenge plot against Thor for the defeat of the Xartans previous failed attempt at conquering Earth. They are about to attack the Avenger's Hydrobase headquarters when their sensors detect another ship on the Earth.

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