X Factor #2 - First Appearance of Tower - 1986 - Marvel Comic - VG

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X Factor #2 - First Appearance of Tower - 1986 - Marvel Comic

Very Good Condition

Please note that we have multiples of this item in stock, therefore the item photographed may not be the exact one you receive but its condition will be reflective of that described here.

Jean Grey awakens from a nightmare where she relives the night the Phoenix Force replaced her and took over her life years ago. Waking to a snowy night, she reflects how things have changed since her return from the "dead", her without her telepathic powers, Xavier gone, Magneto supposedly leading the X-Men, and Scott strangely distant from her. She also reflects on the new direction in her life, being a member of X-Factor -- posing with her friends the original X-Men as mutant hunters in order to teach mutants to control their powers, and how their first mission in recovering the young mutant Rusty Collins was a complete success.

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