X Factor #1 - First Full Appearance of X Factor - 1985 - Marvel Comic - GD

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X Factor #1 - First Full Appearance of X Factor - 1985 - Marvel Comic

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Anchorage, Alaska: Scott Summers is outside chopping wood with his optic blasts when he's asked to come inside by his wife Madeyline Pryor so that he can watch their son Nathan while she runs some errands. However, upon entering their family home, Scott is distracted by a television report about the possible Mutant Menace and the government considering the idea of making all mutants register. When Maddie notices this she becomes angry and berates her husband for worrying over mutants and reminds him that he is no longer an X-Man and that he should be focusing more on his family than on the fates of mutant kind.

That night when she notices Scott standing outside on the balcony brooding again, Madelyine goes out and apologizes for snapping at him earlier. She expresses her frustrations at the problems their marriage has been having, especially in light of the fact that Scott wasn't there when she gave birth to Nathan. When she asks Scott if their troubles have anything to do with Jean Grey, when he says yes she says no more and grimly returns to bed.

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