Wow Pokemon Surprise Pack - x12 Cards Including a Reverse or Rare Holo Card!

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Wow Pokemon Surprise Pack

The cards in the pack may consist of a mixture of Pokemon, Energy and Trainer cards and are a great way to make some new additions to your deck or to fill out your collection!

Each surprise pack includes 11 non-holo cards chosen at random from ANY pokemon card set (this can include both modern, vintage and Japanese sets) and one card that will either be a holographic, reverse holo, or another rare holo card (i.e Vmax, GX, etc).

The condition of the cards may vary as some will have been previously played and older cards may have some minor wear due to their age. Please note that the cards photographed are an example of the type of cards you may receive in and that the cards in each individual Surprise Pack will differ from those pictured.


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