Wow Comix 80's Grab Bag

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Wow Comix 80's Grab Bag

Are you ready for a blast from the past? This 1980s-themed grab bag contains the following items:

x3 American Comics

x3 British Comics

x1 Book or Annual

x1 80's Movie

x1 80's CD, Cassette or 7" Vinyl Record (Please note only one will be included)

x1 Poster, Trading Card Mystery Pack, Postcard or Magazine (Please note only one of these items will be included)

The items in these grab bags are selected at random and due to their age will have been previously used, however we do our best to include items that we deem to be in good enough condition that they can still be read, watched, listened to and enjoyed.

This bundle may contain material originally aimed at either children or adults. Please be aware that some material may not be suitable for certain ages.

Each 80s Grab Bag comes specially gift wrapped in bright retro colours!