World's Finest #300 - 1984 - DC Comic - VG

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World's Finest #300 - 1984 - DC Comic

Very Good Condition

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Superman returns to the Justice League and tells them about his recent adventure. He explains that there is a Cosmic Tree in Africa slowly tearing the world apart through earthquakes and timestorms. It was protected by a group of powerful extra-humans known as the Pantheon, who Superman defeated in combat. This tree is a portal to an overpopulated alien world that wants to conquer Earth. Batman was trapped on this planet when the portal sealed, and Superman cannot fly back because the planet has a red sun. The League agrees to rescue Batman, despite the fact that he recently quit. Superman takes FirestormGreen ArrowRed TornadoWonder Woman, and Zatanna to rescue Batman in Hawkman's shipElongated ManGreen Lantern and Hawkman stay behind to deal with the Cosmic Tree on Earth.

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