Wolverine #3 - Classic Frank Miller Cover - 1982 - Marvel Comic - GD

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Wolverine #3 - Classic Frank Miller Cover - 1982 - Marvel Comic

Good Condition - Mild cover creasing

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At a bar in Tokyo, Wolverine wrestles a man named Takahashi and lifts him over his head. When the man punches Wolverine in the face, Wolverine throws him out the window. Wolverine joins his new girlfriend, Yukio, as they go outside and meet Asano Kimura. Asano asks Wolverine for help in a Japanese underworld takeover, but Wolverine turns him down flat.

Yukio takes Logan to some train tracks and they start making out. Despite being drunk, Logan notices something is wrong and realizes a bullet train is approaching and jumps off the tracks carrying Yukio. Wolverine questions Yukio's insanity, but she says that when she dies, she wishes to die "spectacularly." Soon, Logan falls asleep and dreams that he is a medieval warrior approaching the Clan Yashida fortress, where guards attack him with a barrage of arrows. The last arrow comes from his former love, Mariko, which pierces his soul.

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