West Coast Avengers #21 - Moon Knight & Doctor Pym Joins The West Coast Avengers - 1987 - Marvel Comic - GD

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West Coast Avengers #21 - Moon Knight & Doctor Pym Join The West Coast Avengers - 1987 - Marvel Comic

Good Condition - Small stain on front cover

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In Egypt, 2940 BC, the evil Rama-Tut has shot the Avengers with a paralyzing ray. Somehow, despite their costumes and varied appearances, he can't tell the difference between them and Egyptians native to that time and just accuses them of being rebel slaves. Confident they will die from his weapon, he has them taken to a nearby temple for burial. The temple they arrive at happens to be one dedicated to Khonshu. While they lie paralyzed on the temple floor, the feverish Hawkeye has a vision in which he comes face-to-face with Khonshu, who explains that he aims for vengeance against Rama-Tut and will use the Avengers as his agents, that his hypnotic influence kept Rama from recognizing them as non-natives.

Hawkeye pleads his case for some extra divine intervention. He wants to return to his own time, but Khonshu's methods can't be too direct. Instead, Khonshu agrees to help deliver a message to someone from their time that can help. The Avengers come to and Hawkeye's fever breaks, his burns even mysteriously healed. Clint voices his thanks to a nearby statue of Khonshu just before the temple's blind priests enter the room to offer their help in their god's mission against the Pharaoh.