Web Of Spider-Man #57 - 1989 - Marvel Comic - FN

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Web Of Spider-Man #57 - 1989 - Marvel Comic

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After being doused in an experimental batch of web-fluid, the white supremacist named Eddie the Cross has been turned into a fluid mass of skin calling itself Skinhead. After seeing what has become of their leader, the rest of his gang flee from their junkyard hideout. Hungry for new flesh, Skinhead catches up with his former friends and consumes their bodies. After absorbing their flesh, Skinhead returns to his humanoid form, leaving nothing left of his friends but bones. As he rants about his quest to eliminate other races, he realizes he needs to stop talking to himself or lose touch with reality. He then spots Spider-Man swinging by and figures the hero is trying to track him down. He decides to lay low until he has a better handle on his new powers before attacking the wall-crawler.

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