Web Of Spider-Man #46 - 1989 - Marvel Comic - FF

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Web Of Spider-Man #46 - 1989 - Marvel Comic

Very Fine Condition

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Arriving at Shriver Cove, Massachusetts, Peter Parker arrives on the next leg of his book tour for "Webs", when suddenly a local rushes at him ranting about killing outsiders. Although he is caught off guard, Peter is able to defend himself thanks to his spider-powers. Soon the police are on the scene to arrest the local. Peter is a little surprised by this reception and gets an apology for his tour assistant, Jeff Wainright, who wasn't expecting this kind of welcome. Otherwise, Peter is delighted by the idyllic Cape Cod community. When Peter asks why he was booked to make an appearance in such a small town. Jeff explains that the town boasts a powerful television transmitter and that he will be able to reach a wider audience than if he was doing an appearance in Boston. When they arrive at the inn where Peter will be staying, Jeff mentions how there have been strange flare-ups like they witnessed intermittently over the year. The reasons for these strange happenings is unknown, but Jeff assures Peter that they are isolated incidents.

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