Web Of Spider-Man #42 - 1988 - Marvel Comic - FF

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Web Of Spider-Man #42 - 1988 - Marvel Comic

Very Fine Condition

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Having infiltrated the Students of Love in order to rescue Betty Brant, Peter Parker has witnessed the Teacher apparently removing a cancerous mass from a cult member with his bare hands, unaware that this is actually a con job to convince his faithful that he has supernatural powers. In New York City, Reverend Tolliver has just finished explaining to Ben Urich and Flash Thompson how the con works, and how the untrained eye can be tricked into believing this act to be true. The Reverend explains that the reason why these cults get away with brainwashing people is that they recruit people of at least the age of majority, and as long as their followers appear to be acting of their own free will, there is nothing the authorities can do. Back at the cult compound, Peter Parker slips away, certain that the Teacher seemed to be staring at him the whole time. As he goes back outside to the garden, Peter is nearly convinced what he saw was real, and wonders if he has a right to take Betty away from this if she is so happy and at peace being here. Still, he is unnerved by the fact that everyone acts like zombies around the compound. Finding Betty again, Peter hears her talking to a woman named Tracy, and wonders if this is the sister of Kate Cushing. Peter is then confronted by the Teacher who asks to speak with him. To convince Parker to comply, he pulls out Spider-Man's mask and says that it belong to him.

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