Web Of Spider-Man #33 - First Appearance Of Brainstorm - 1987 - Marvel Comic - FF

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Web Of Spider-Man #33 - First Appearance Of Brainstorm - 1987 - Marvel Comic

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In the family kitchen, Vicky Gibbs is haunted by her husband's career. Her hysterics are interrupted by her son Jacob who has finished packing his and his sister Tanya's bags. They are planning on leaving Vicky's husband Frank. She tries to explain the situation to her children who are confused. As they try to sneak out of the home under the cover of night. However, they are caught by Frank who has just returned home from work. Realizing that his wife is trying to take his children and leave. Seeing that they are serious about leaving, Frank tells Vicky that he doesn't care and goes into the house. Vicky tells her kids to stay put and goes in after her husband. However, Jacob decides to disobey his mother and takes Tanya back in with him, because he is certain that his mother will cave and they will be staying after all.

Vicky tells Frank that she can't handle that he works for the mob anymore and that is why she wants to leave. This angers Frank, who grabs her by the arms and explains that his job is what brings them the money they need to have a happy life. When Vicky says she almost called the authorities, Frank becomes violent, but she breaks away and runs off. Vicky locks herself in her bedroom with her children. Grabbing a gun, she picks up the phone and calls Seargent Rolands of the police and asks for help. Frank forces his way into the room, disarms his wife and takes the phone away from her. Realizing she was talking to Rolands, he tells her that the situation than a marital spat. He hangs up and tells his wife that he may have just signed his death warrant.

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