Web Of Spider-Man #102 - Maximum Carnage Part 6 - 1993 - Marvel Comic - VG

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Web Of Spider-Man #102 - Maximum Carnage Part 6 - 1993 - Marvel Comic

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Maximum Carnage continues from Spectacular Spider-Man #201...

Morbius the Living Vampire has come to the rescue of a woman being mugged in an alleyway. After stunning one of the thieves with his hypnotic gaze, Morbius then begins to feed upon his blood. The entire grisly scene is applauded by Venom who have arrived with the Black Cat and Cloak. Venom wants to recruit Morbius to their cause, despite the Black Cat and Cloak's misgivings about it. At that moment in Soho, Peter Parker is changing the bandages on his chest. It is a painful exercise as he hasn't given himself time for his ribs to heal.He wishes his wife, Mary Jane, was around to talk things out. Unfortunately, she had stormed off after they had an argument over his responsibility to stop Carnage.

At that moment, Mary Jane is dancing her worries away at the new nightclub called the Deep. As she dances she thinks she sees her husband in the crowd. Unfortunately, it is a case of mistaken identity as the man only vaguely resembles Peter Parker. She figures that Peter is out being a hero again and decides to give the paparazzi something to take pictures of. However, the scene takes a horrific turn when Carnage, Demogoblin, Shriek, and Spider-Doppelganger arrive at the club and begin slaughtering the patrons. Seeing this, Mary Jane tries to get out but is knocked down by the panicking crowd. Seeing their mindless slaughter, she wonders why Peter would want to face such horrors, and then wonders where her husband is. At that moment, Spider-Man is helping rescue crews rescue those who were caught in Carnage's rampage. That's when some police officers tell the wall-crawler how Carnage and his minions stole a limo, Spider-Man heads off to follow them. Nearby, Venom and his allies continue to search for Carnage and his crew. That's when Morbius detects a lot of spilled blood and begins leading them to the nightclub.

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