Web Of Spider-Man #10 - 1985 - Marvel Comic - VG

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Web Of Spider-Man #10 - 1985 - Marvel Comic

Very Good Condition

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In the early days of World War II, before America entered the conflict, Dominic Fortune found himself smashing up a casino operation along with his female companion Sabbath Raven. They have been hired to recover some plans that had been stolen by Nazi spies. The pair managed to round up the spies and helped capture their leader Baron Wolfgang von Lundt. Their capture landed them in the newspapers.


An elderly Dominic Fortune struggles to flee from a gang of thugs who want him dead. As he flees down an alley, Dominic trips over a discarded can. He manages to get his footing, but he is cornered in a dead end. When he offers to pay the men off, in order to spare his life, they refuse. Not far away, Spider-Man is web-slinging across the city. He is in a depressed mood. He wonders what he is going to do with the solid gold notebook he took from a building that the Beyonder turned into gold. He considers this as big a mistake as the night that he allowed a burglar get away, who later went on to murder his Uncle Ben. He wishes his Uncle Ben was still alive so he'd have someone to talk to so he can do the right thing.

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