Voodoo #1-#6 Full Set - 2011 - DC Comics - FN

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Voodoo #1-#6 Full Set - 2011 - DC Comics

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In The New 52 reality, because she is a Daemonite/human hybrid, her powers have changed; Voodoo lost the sight, regeneration, magnetic and magical powers. But she has shape shifting and telepathy powers; and the productions of projectile quills and the secretion of poison.

Her shape shifting powers allow her to copy humans or animals that she touched; and the creation of wings and weapons like a spear. Also her shape shifting has been used to provide a limited form of camouflage, as she can take on the colors of other objects which she might be standing in front of.

Voodoo now has limited mind-reading capabilities; however she is unable to control her own mind when she uses these abilities, thus leaving herself vulnerable to counter telepathy. Also she has the abilities to survive in harsh environment, as seen when she functions in the environment of Europa (the moon of Jupiter), without any form of protection.

The Daemonites have trained her in hand-to-hand combat and in espionage.