Viz Annual 2019: The Pieman's Wig - 2019 - Dennis Publishing Book HC - VG

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Viz Annual 2019: The Pieman's Wig - 2019 - Dennis Publishing Book

Hard Cover

Very Good Condition

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Viz Annual 2019 The Pieman's Wig: A Hair-Raising Weave of the Best Bits from Issues 252~261 by Viz Magazine

As D:Ream famously sang in their 1994 chart-topper, "Things Can Only Get Bigger" ... and here, to prove how right they were is the 2019 Viz annual The Pieman's Wig. Hot on the heels of last year's biggest ever Viz annual, this year's is even biggester, with 220 pages of

* Cartoons: Fat Slags, Roger Mellie, 8 Ace, Mrs Brady, Big Vern and many more
* Articles: Sex Robots, the Joy of Flatpack Furniture, Stephen Hawkins' A Brief History of Time Travel and Who's Who in the 1970s School Playground.
* Adventure stories: Pest Force Alaska, Tiny Cox the Pocket Physicist, Drill Sergeant Jumbo and The Binman that Fear Forgot.

Plus more hilarious letters, Top Tips and spoof ads than you can shake a stick 10% bigger than last year's at.

Now in its 33rd year, the Viz annual is as much a part of the festive season as the Queen's Speech*, overcooked sprouts, and ironic Christmas jumpers. And The Pieman's Wig is funnier than all of those things. Except for ironic Christmas jumpers, which really are very funny indeed.

*Her majesty still alive at the time of going to press.