Underworld Unleashed: Batman - Devil's Asylum #1 - 1995 - DC Comic - VG

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Underworld Unleashed: Batman - Devil's Asylum #1 - 1995 - DC Comic

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At Arkham Asylum, a patient named Kryppen sits in his cell talking to a wall. Jeremiah Arkham monitors the man, but doesn't hear anyone speaking back to him. Kryppen however, hears the ethereal voice of the demon Neron. The patient offers Neron his soul in exchange for power. Neron however, needs Kryppen to carry out a few tasks first.

A short time later, a fight breaks out in the hospital recreation room between the Riddler and a patient who believes he is Julius Caesar. Other patients get involved in the fight, and one man, Bradbury, makes a dash for the window. He scales the side of the hospital in a middle of a thunderstorm and a bolt of lightning strikes Bradbury dead as he is clinging to a weather vane. The resulting energy surge causes a blackout throughout the entire hospital. Jeremiah Arkham begins to grow worried, notably since the back-up generators he ordered had not arrived yet.