Uncanny X-Men #217 - Dazzler Joins The X-Men - 1987 - Marvel Comic - FN

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Uncanny X-Men #217 - Dazzler Joins The X-Men - 1987 - Marvel Comic

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Muir Island: The X-Men are in the middle of a training exercise to hone their powers. Although they are required to keep a low profile, Dazzler blatantly ignores this letting loose with her light powers. This attracts the attention of a nearby ship that is passing by. The captain of the ship tells his crew to ignore it, as strange things happen on Muir Island all the time. However, one of the crew -- a man named Wullis -- is interested in the goings on that are happening on the island as he is secretly an argent of Dr. Doom. The goal of the training session is for the other X-Men to capture Psylocke. While they try their best, the telepath manages to knock out Rogue, and take control of Dazzler and use her to try and take out Longshot. However, Longshot's luck plays out for him as he manages to snare up both Dazzler and Psylocke long enough for Rogue to recover and grab Psylocke and make her surrender. Their session is called off by former X-Man Sean Cassidy, who tells the X-Men to return to the facility for breakfast and a report on how well they did.


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