Uncanny X-Men #210 - First Marauders Cameo Appearance - 1986 - Marvel Comic - FF

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Uncanny X-Men #210 - First Marauders Cameo Appearance - 1986 - Marvel Comics

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Los Angeles, California... Richard Salmons -- a mercenary in the hire of the Hellfire Club -- has been fleeing from mysterious attackers along with his lover, a Morlock named Tommy. As they run through a train yard Richard is struck by a super-charged harpoon and is fatally wounded. As he dies, he tells Tommy to grab his gun and run as it is her only chance to survive. Tommy complies, wondering why she is being hunted down and is fearful of her attackers because she does not want to die. When Tommy flees without the weapon, Richard reaches for it when his attackers catch up to him. He warns them that his employers will pay these assassins back in kind, to which their leader welcomes them to try before shooting him in the head. Hearing this, Tommy rushes for a moving train and uses her powers to slip inside a rail car hoping that she has escaped her attackers. These Marauders however know where she is hiding but decide to leave her live a while longer as she will take them to where their mission needs to bring them. Their leader hopes their member Malice is having as much fun with her assignment in San Francisco.

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