Uncanny X-Men #208 - 1986 - Marvel Comic - FN

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Uncanny X-Men #208 - 1986 - Marvel Comics

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Wolverine has returned to the Morlock tunnels to explain to her fellow X-Men that he was forced to use lethal action against Phoenix to stop her from slaying Selene, the new Back Queen of the Hellfire Club. Both Shadowcat and Nightcrawler are mortified by learning that Wolverine did this, and an argument about what right he had to do so break out. It's eventually stifled by Storm who understands why Wolverine chose to do what he did, but does not condone it. She reminds the team that Rachel is still out there somewhere hurt and they need to get her help fast. The X-Men enlist the aid of the Morlocks in order to begin searching for their missing friends.

Meanwhile, in Central Park, Selene has become withered and aged due to depleted energy and comes across a mugger attacking his intended victim. She uses her powers to drain the life out of the mugger, then in turn does the same thing to the woman she had saved in order to restore her youthful vitality. Returning to the Hellfire Club, she has a meeting with the Inner Circle and reports to Sebastian Shaw of the Phoenix's attack on her. She convinces the Hellfire Club to rally together and hunt down Phoenix and destroy her before she can recover and attack the Inner Circle anew.

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