Uncanny X-Men #177 - 1983 - Marvel Comic - PR

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Uncanny X-Men #177 - 1983 - Marvel Comic

Poor Condition - Holes through bottom of all pages, creased/light stained back cover

Mystique is in a Circus when Wolverine ambushes her from behind. She dodges, but he still draws blood. After a quick but brutal fight, she slits his throat and he bleeds out. Kitty Pryde phases up out of the ground moments later, and seeing Wolverine down, rushes over to him. It's, not Wolverine - its Mystique playing dead - and she's just gutted the girl. Suddenly the building behind Mystique explodes as a huge hurled stone strikes it, sending her flying.

Colossus confronts her in a rage, and she realizes Cyclops is also there as he clips her from behind - she retreats into a funhouse hall of mirrors. The funhouse is really a carefully constructed trap, and she uses it to focus Cyclops optic beam and amplify it until it can penetrate even Colossus's armored body! Cyclops, distraught over Peter's death, doesn't notice Mystique as she comes up behind him and garotte's him.