Uncanny X-Men #172 - 1983 - Marvel Comic - VG

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Uncanny X-Men #172 - 1983 - Marvel Comic

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Members of the X-Men arrive at Mariko Yashida's apartment in Japan ahead of Wolverine and Mariko's wedding, which is to occur in 5 days. Wolverine greets all of them warmly, except Rogue, who remains in the doorway until Mariko welcomes her inside. Logan has not forgiven Rogue for taking the powers and memories from Carol Danvers, but Storm says that Charles Xavier has accepted her as a member of the team. Silver Samurai is outside the building, spying on the conversation inside when he is attacked by Yukio. Wolverine hears the commotion and asks Nightcrawler to teleport him outside to find out what is happening. Wolverine immediately attacks the samurai who flees; Yukio also runs away, leaping across the rooftops, but looses her footing. Storm catches her before she falls to the street below, and the women have a brief conversation before Yukio makes another playful exit. The group returns inside where Storm explains that Harada had previously teamed up with Viper to battle the New Mutants which resulted in the death of Xi'an Coy Manh.