Uncanny X-Men #170 - Origin of The Morlocks - 1983 - Marvel Comic - VG

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Uncanny X-Men #170 - Origin of The Morlocks - 1983 - Marvel Comic

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Scott Summers and Madelyne Pryor are on their first date together, alone at a chalet in Reindeer Falls, Alaska. Summers shows a picture of Jean Grey to Pryor, revealing to her the striking resemblance she has with his now dead girlfriend. Pryor is taken aback by the revelation, but still wants to pursue a relationship with Summers and they continue enjoying the evening together. In the morning, Pryor playfully reaches for Summers' Ruby-Quartz Sunglasses to shade the sun from her eyes when he reacts violently, pushing her away. Summers reveals his mutant powers to her and explains that he cannot control it without the glasses. She is not put off by the revelation and wants to continue seeing him.

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