Uncanny X-Men #143 - Final John Byrne Issue - 1980 - Marvel Comic - FN

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Uncanny X-Men #143 - Final John Byrne Issue - 1980 - Marvel Comic

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Flashback - The X-Men's first battle with the N'Garai, specifically Storm's destruction of the obelisk which was the nexus of the gateway between their world and ours.[1] The X-Men believed that, with the obelisk gone, the gate was sealed, but a lone demon slowly crawled from amidst the rubble, free in our world.

In the present day, a couple is out looking for their first Christmas tree. Quickly, their happiness becomes ashes - the N'Garai demon kills them swiftly and then feasts upon them, body and soul.

Meanwhile at the X-Mansion, Kitty is learning how the Blackbird's contorls, backwards and forwards, when, to her relief, Angel interrupts to let Xavier know that it is time to be going. In the entrance-way, Logan introduces Mariko Yashida to Professor X. A mistletoe prank of Kurt's with Mariko draws Wolverine's ire, but things are soon set aright, although the mood is tense. Kitty lightens it by playing a similar trick on Colossus, who blushes deeply. Then most of the X-Men depart: Wolverine and Mariko leave together, Angel flys off to see Candy Southern, and Professor X, Peter, Ororo, and Kurt take off in the Rolls. Kitty Pryde is left in the mansion alone.