Ultimate Spider-Man #120 - Firestar Joins X-Men - 2008 - Marvel Comic - FN

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Ultimate Spider-Man #120 - Firestar Joins X-Men - 2008 - Marvel Comic

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Magneto appears in the sky over New York and squares off against Spider-Man, Iceman and Liz Allan (who only recently developed the mutant ability of pyrokinesis). Magneto wants Liz to come with him, but Iceman won't even give him the opportunity to manipulate the frightened girl. After using his powers to pin Spider-Man and Iceman against the side of a building, he convinces Liz to at least hear him out. He tells her that he knows her true father, and that he is a mutant like her. Frustrated, Liz flies off and returns to her home. Landing in the front yard, naked, she tells her mother that she is a mutant and wants to know who her father is. Her mother confesses that her father is her uncle Frank. Magneto tracks her home and again tries to convince Liz to come with him.