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Transformers: Armada #1 - 2002 - Dreamwave Productions Comic - VG

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Transformers: Armada #1 - 2002 - Dreamwave Productions Comic

Very Good Condition

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A million years ago, Hot Shot is found speeding through Cyber City on Cybertron with urgent news for Optimus Prime. He shows the Autobot leader a video disc of a Mini-Con distress call from Leader-1, leader of Village D10 in the Mini-Con Sector. He speaks of an evil race of Transformers, the Decepticons led by Megatron, that has been attacking Mini-Con villages and taking them captive. He requests the aid of the "guardians of Cyber City", just as a massive hand reaches down to grab the Mini-Con and ending the video. Optimus decides this is quite the problem.

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