Thor Annual #12 - 1984 - Marvel Comic - VG

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Thor Annual #12 - 1984 - Marvel Comic

Very Good Condition

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This story introduces the winged inhumans who desired and seceded from Attilian after increasing tensions with the inhuman populace who did not share their specific Terrigenesis of human appearance with wings. They were first provided the own "Aerie" connected to Attilain proper but chose to separate completely when even that accommodation failed to appease the winged inhumans. They subsequently purged all winged inhumans without feathered avian wings except Cherios who had bat wings, as they considered all other wing forms as undesirable to their gene pool. Upon leaving Attilian they terra formed some land to provide farming and agriculture and stayed hidden until a human airplane crashed on the sky island with one lone infant survivor who eventually became Red Raven, via mechanical wings resembling Cherios' wings in his honor.

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