Thor #183 - Thor VS Doctor Doom - 1970 - Marvel Comic - GD

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Thor #183 - Thor VS Doctor Doom - 1970 - Marvel Comic

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Thor is in Latveria with a missile on his tail that threatens to not only destroy him, but a village full of innocent people below him as well. However, Thor comes up with a solution: Using his hammer to create a vortex, Thor throws it high into the sky, causing it to suck the missile out of harms way. However, without his hammer, Thor slams into the ground and watches as the missile explodes harmlessly.

When his hammer doesn't come back, Thor must find it, but the 60 second limit he can spend away from his hammer elapses and he changes back into Donald Blake. Meanwhile, Dr. Doom has tracked the location of Thor's hammer, but when he is unable to lift or destroy it, he instead encases it in a force field and puts guards on watch to destroy anyone who might come for it. Turning his attentions to the missing Donald Blake (and not having made a connection between Blake and Thor) he also unleashes a silent stalker robot to hunt him down.