Thor #174 - First Appearance of Crypto-Man - 1970 - Marvel Comic - GD

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Thor #174 - First Appearance of Crypto-Man - 1970 - Marvel Comic

Good Condition - Mild spine wear, price stamp front cover

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While patrolling the skies, Thor spots three strange lights in the sky and goes to investigate them. He is struck by a stun ray created by inventor Jasper Whyte. Whyte then uses a device to steal half of Thor's strength and flees the scene before Thor can come around. Returning to his lab, Whyte transfers the stolen strength into his creation: A robot known as the Crypto-Man. With the robot activated and the power transfer a complete success, Whyte begins the next part of his plans.

Meanwhile, a weakened Thor returns to his office and sees that there is a patient inside waiting for him. Thor instead goes to the roof to change back into his mortal form of Donald Blake before entering his office conventionally. Blake recognizes the patient as Mrs. Whyte, and she explains that her son Jasper has gone missing. She explains to Blake that Jasper was a brilliant scientist that made his colleagues jealous. She asks for Blake's help in trying to find him.