Thor #127 - First Appearance of Pluto/Hippolyta - 1966 - Marvel Comic - PR

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Thor #127 - First Appearance of Pluto/Hippolyta - 1966 - Marvel Comic

Poor Condition - Heavy spine wear, creasing and edge wear

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Continued from last issue....

Believing that he has lost his honor, Thor is confronted by Jane Foster who tries to get him to forget restoring his honor and that she loves him. Thor is embittered by being the subject to Jane's pity and leaves. Before Jane can do anything more, someone is struck by a car, sending her rushing to this stranger to give them medical aid.

While in California, preparations for a new Hercules feature film are under way at Stardust Studios. When some of the workers stop to comment on the set designs, they are scared back into their work by the studio owner, J.P. -- who is in reality Pluto, the Olympian God of Death and ruler of Hades. With his workers gone, he checks with one of his slaves in Hades to make sure all is well. Satisfied that nothing there demands his attention, Pluto begins preparing for the arrival of Hercules.