Thor #1 - 1998 - Marvel Comic - GD

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Thor #1 - 1998 - Marvel Comic

Good Condition - Mild spine/edge wear

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Thor is called in, because a crazy man has taken a bunch of children hostage at the Ballon Bunch Daycare Center, claiming to be Heimdall. Thor arrives and listens to the man's story after freeing the hostages, and agrees to take him to Asgard to see if his story is true. When they arrive, they are both overcome by the devastation of the golden city, and the man realizes that he is not really Heimdall. Upset, Thor hurls Mjolnir, freeing a bunch of debris, and unknowingly, freeing Perrikus from his prison. Down at the docks back on Earth, Colonel Preston Case oversees the offloading of a large container, he's told that no one is supposed to touch it without Class A. He doesn't listen, and upon touching it, the container seems to explode.

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