The Thing #35 - First Appearance Of Sharon Ventura As Ms. Marvel - 1986 - Marvel Comic - VG

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The Thing #35 - First Appearance Of Sharon Ventura As Ms. Marvel - 1986 - Marvel Comic

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Sharon Ventura is walkiing through a sketchy neighborhood on her way to keep her appointment with the Power Broker to get enhanced strength. En route she is jumped by a gang of thugs, however they are unprepared for the fact that Sharon can defend herself. However one of them manages to hit her over the head from behind causing Sharon to become incredibly dizzy. Before the thugs can take advantage of her, they are suddenly attacked by a man in a military uniform. Still seeing double, Sharon confuses this man for her father. After the man saves Sharon and runs off the gang, he checks to see if she is okay and introduces himself as Lieutenant Michael Lynch. When Sharon assures him that she will be okay, Lynch walks off telling her to be careful. Seeing the man in the uniform has caused the memories of Sharon's childhood to come flooding back to her.

She recalls how his father was a strict military man and there was nothing she could do to satisfy him. As a youth she pushed herself through gymnastics, but even winning first place would never garner so much a word of praise from her father. Later as a young adult, Sharon entered into the military academy. There she was asked to indict a roommate in a cheating scandal that threatened to make the school so bad. When Ventura refused to comply, she was expelled for not following a direct order. That action prompted her father to basically disown her. When her father died a year later she still felt guilty. Then to show her father that she was one of the best she set out on her career as an adventurer, seeking out dangerous professions and risking her life doing the impossible.