The Spectacular Spider-Man #156 - 1989 - Marvel Comic - FF

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The Spectacular Spider-Man #156 - 1989 - Marvel Comic

Very Fine Condition

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Spider-Man is searching the forests of the Appalachian Mountains of Pennsylvania for any sign of Joe Robertson and Tombstone after they escaped from prison. The wall-crawler hopes that Joe is still alive, as he is the only one who treated both Spider-Man and Peter Parker fairly. As he searches the shores of the Susquehanna River river for a sign of them. Suddenly, his spider-sense goes off warning him of danger nearby. In the shadows, he spots a massive creature passing by. With no other leads to follow, Spider-Man decides to follow the massive humanoid, who is walking toward a nearby fire. There, Spider-Man discovers a small town of backwoods locals. He is amazed by how primitive this group of people are, thinking that they have no knowledge of modern conveniences, much less Spider-Man!

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