The Spectacular Spider-Man #138 - 1988 - Marvel Comic - FF

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The Spectacular Spider-Man #138 - 1988 - Marvel Comic

Very Fine Condition

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Captain America has been enlisted to assist the Tarantula in recovering undocumented immigrants that have spoken against a South American government. The two practice fighting with each other by fighting a man dressed up to look like Spider-Man. Still furious about how the wall-crawler previously interfered in his operations, the Tarantula kills the fighter and vents his frustrations on the corpse. Although Captain America is not impressed by this display, he tells his ally that they must begin tracking Spider-Man down before dawn. State Department agent Gulliver South reassures the Tarantula that Captain America will assist the Tarantula as part of their efforts to help promote a democratic government in South America. A task that Captain America grudgingly accepts since he is a government agent.