The Pink Panther Annual - 1974 - World Distributors Book HC - GD

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The Pink Panther Annual - 1974 - World Distributors Book 


Good Condition - Some cover/spine wear

The Pink Panther is a fictional animated character who appeared in the opening and closing credit sequences of every film in the Pink Panther series except for A Shot in the Dark and Inspector Clouseau. In the storyline of the original film, The Pink Panther was the name of a valuable pink diamond; in the credits, this was shifted to an animated pink panther.

The Panther's popularity spawned a spin-off franchise of theatrical shorts, merchandise, a comic book, and television cartoons. He appears in 124 short films (either theatrical or televised), 10 television shows and three primetime specials. The character is closely associated with "The Pink Panther Theme", composed by Henry Mancini.

The Panther's real name was shown to be "Pinky" in the cartoon "Pink-In"