The Nameless #1 - 1997 - Image Comic - GD

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The Nameless #1 - 1997 - Image Comic

Good Condition - Light cover wear

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He is a man without a name...without a memory. He is a man without a past…and apparently without a future. As he tries to discover the secret of his past and his name, he finds himself drawn into an ancient battleground which has its basis in the bloodthirsty rites of the supposedly extinct Aztec Empire. The violent sacrifical rituals of a sun worshipping tribe somehow hold a key to his past but he must delve deeper into those horrible ceremonies for the secrets, knowing that if he survives, he will have to live with the answers. Now on the streets of modern day Mexico City our Nameless man finds findself attempting to protect the thousands of forgotten street children that inhabit the sprawling metropolis. They are being abducted and used as human sacrifices to this ancient Aztec God.