The Mighty Thor Annual #3 - 1971 - Marvel Comic - GD

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The Mighty Thor Annual #3 - 1971 - Marvel Comic

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When Jane walks in on him in Don's office, Thor pretends to be seeking Blake over his betrayal. Jane pleads with Thor not to harm Don, admitting she still loves him, elating Thor. Meanwhile, the Grey Gargoyle arrives in New York. When Thor investigates reports of strange statues, the Gargoyle follows him back to Blake's office, eventually turning him to stone. The stone Thor tips over, striking Mjolnir on the ground, turning him into a flesh and blood Don Blake who hesitates transforming back, fearing the stone spell will still affect him. Using Tony Stark's technology, Don projects images of Thor in the sky, leading the Gargoyle across the city and off a pier, where he sinks like s stone. Jane later proudly shows Don a newspaper headline lauding him for helping to defeat the Gargoyle.