The Invaders #28 - First Appearance Of Kid Commandos - 1978 - Marvel Comic - VG

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The Invaders #28 - First Appearance Of Kid Commandos - 1978 - Marvel Comic 

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The reunited five original Invaders and the two newly-empowered youths quickly defeat Agent Axis and his henchmen and save Dr.Sabuki. Afterwards, the kids declare that they are going to accomplish the next step on their own and take the Atlantean aircraft back to the internment camp with Dr.Sabuki. Just as they arrive, Agent Axis and his Iron Mole burst from the ground, apparently having escaped the adult Invaders and bent on getting his revenge on Sabuki, but the younger heroes' teamwork brings him down for the count again. They then present their terms to Captain Simms, the camp's C.O.: Dr.Sabuki decides to stay at the center so he can continue to look after the other inmates, but Gwenny-Lou gets to leave with the Invaders vouching for her. Captain Simms is outraged, but is also thoroughly intimidated by the kids' display of strength and lets them leave with Gwenny-Lou. Dr.Sabuki remains hopeful that one day, justice will prevail for all Japanese-American citizens.

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