The Incredible Hulk #410 - 1993 - Marvel Comic - GD

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The Incredible Hulk #410 - 1993 - Marvel Comic

Good Condition - Creased front cover

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When the Hulk learns that his old college flame Susan Jacobson has been imprisoned in Fort Cheer for acts of espionage, he decides to investigate the situation, able to use the Pantheon's resources to hack into the security footage. When he shows this footage to Ulysses, he points out the inhuman treatment to the prisoners there and refuses to allow Susan to stay there an extra day. The Hulk intends to mobilize members of the Pantheon to stage a jailbreak following the funeral for Perseus. Upon learning that this facility is in Nebraska, Ulysses points out a break of this magnitude on US soil will be difficult. The Hulk also tells Ulysses that Perseus asked that they bring back her daughter, Cassiopeia and bring her back into the fold. Ulysses was never a fan of Cassie, but agrees to do what he can. They then join Ajax, Atalanta, Hector, Delphi and Achilles in the hall of the fallen to participate in the funeral for their fallen ally.

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