The Incredible Hulk #409 - 1993 - Marvel Comic - GD

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The Incredible Hulk #409 - 1993 - Marvel Comic

Good Condition - Sticker front cover

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On vacation in London, the interdimensional heroes known as Motormouth and Killpower find it coming to a quick end when the Hulk almost lands on top of them. Thinking that the Hulk is a threat, the simple minded Killpower tries to defend Motormouth from him. Killpower's strength and weapons are no match for the Hulk who easily knocks out Killpower.

As Motormouth checks on her partner, the Hulk finally recognizes them from the Pantheon's file on the pair. When Motormouth cusses out the Hulk with a string of profanity he responds in kind, pointing out that his almost landing on them was an accident. This gets Motormouth's attention and she asks what happened. The Hulk explains how he has been pursuing the gamma mutated lunatic known as Madman since he escaped from Loch Ness in Scotland. Although he managed to catch up with Madman's ship, the villain ejected and set it to self-destruct, covering his escape. Hence, the Hulk's crash landing in the middle of Motormouth and Killpower's vacation. As Killpower recovers from the Hulk's blows, the trio suddenly witness a number of police cars go speeding by. Thinking it might be madman, the Hulk leaps off to investigate, turning down Killpower's offer of aid. Ignoring this and protesting Motormouth's protests, Killpower rushes after the Hulk.