The Incredible Hulk #408 - 1993 - Marvel Comic - FR

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The Incredible Hulk #408 - 1993 - Marvel Comic

Fair Condition - Heavy crease and sticker front cover

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Defeated by Piecemeal and Madman, the Hulk has a weight tied to him and has been dumped in Loch Ness. The two evil creatures the occupants of local inn as prisoners. Among their numbers is the inn's owner, a retired member of the Pantheon known as Perseus. Madman explains his connections to the New World Order and how Piecemeal and how a tracking device allowed Madman to find the beast.

Getting fed up, Perseus orders the two intruders off his property. When Madman asks what the seemingly normal man is going to do about it, Perseus punches the gamma-spawned lunatic in the face. This hurts enough to anger Madman that he snaps the neck of one of the patrons in order to dissuade Perseus from attacking again. He then explains how the Hulk had once left him to die of poison with the cure out of reach and how he managed to cheat this death. Madman states that he have the Hulk a sporting chance to get out of his recent death trap.