The Incredible Hulk #405 - 1993 - Marvel Comic - FR

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The Incredible Hulk #405 - 1993 - Marvel Comic

Fair Condition - Creased covers/all pages, sticker front

In the training room of the Pantheon's Mount Headquarters, Atalanta is testing her archery skills by having Ulysses hold an apple between his legs as the Hulk watches. Ulysses is nervous, but Atalanta assures him that she needs the practice. Atalanta hits her mark, and the Hulk then steps in to tell Ulysses that his report on a mission in Iraq was bereft of details. When Ulysses points out that they didn't have to write reports before, the Hulk reminds him that things change. The Hulk catches up with Atalanta and asks her how he is doing as the new leader of the Pantheon. She tells him that there a difference between leading and being in charge, and excuses herself. She goes into her quarters where she is startled by the presence of Achilles. However, once she recognizes him they embrace.