The Incredible Hulk #399 - 1992 - Marvel Comic - VG

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The Incredible Hulk #399 - 1992 - Marvel Comic

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Rick Jones has come seeking the aid of Doctor Strange and is in a state of near hysterics. Wong lets him in but informs him that the Doctor is occupied. Rick won't have it and demands that Strange appear immediately. When Strange does appear he scolds Rick for treating Wong so rudely. Realizing that he has been acting like a jerk, Rick gives himself a moment to calm down. Rick explains that six hours ago he had just been freed from the basement of Jackie Shorr, a mad woman who claimed to be his biological mother. His freedom came at a price though, as Jackie had murdered his girlfriend Marlo Chandler. As Betty Banner cries on Rick's shoulder, he watches as Marlo's lifeless body is loaded up into an ambulance. As she is being put into a squad car, Jackie Shorr calls out to Rick, telling her that she did all this for him. After hearing all this, Doctor Strange asks what he can do for Rick. Rick explains that he wants Strange to use his magics to bring Marlo back to life.


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