The Incredible Hulk #363 - 1989 - Marvel Comic - VG

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The Incredible Hulk #363 - 1989 - Marvel Comic

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The Grey Gargoyle is visited by Doctor Doom, one of the prime movers in a super-villain conspiracy to eliminate their foes by pairing them against villains they are unaccustomed to fighting. Seeing the Gargoyle's powers first hand, Doctor Doom believes that he will be suitable for their plans. Doom explains to the Gargoyle that the Hulk is considered a wild card in the game that they are playing and that he must be temporarily taken out of the picture and if he is turned into stone, he can be kept under watch, preventing him from siding with the heroes and hopefully conscripted into their Acts of Vengeance conspiracy.

Reverting to his civilian guise of Paul Duval, the Gray Gargoyle takes a flight to Nevada in his search for the Hulk. He thinks about the money he will make and how it will benefit his artwork. Suddenly, his gamma ray detector begins going off, alerting him that the Hulk is somewhere in the vicinity. His device gets the attention of the airline security officer sitting next to him. The forces Duval to explain what he is carrying and what he plans to use it for. While the security officer looks at his device, Paul uses his powers to turn the man into stone.