The Incredible Hulk #358 - 1989 - Marvel Comic - FR

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The Incredible Hulk #358 - 1989 - Marvel Comic

Fair Condition - Notable creasing on cover

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Led to believe the Hulk is responsible for his being transformed into a demon, the man now known as the Ghoul flies over Las Vegas hunting for his prey. Watching from the window of the Kudo Casino is Maggia leader Nick Cloot. He is joined by Glorian, who reports that he has fostered distrust in the Hulk's closest allies in the hopes of forcing him to see Glorian's light. When asking who Cloot has found to fight the Hulk, he is horrified at the sight of the Ghoul. Glorian questions what he has gotten himself into, but Cloot assures him that the Ghoul will do the job, as he can track the Hulk wherever he may be.

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