The Incredible Hulk #342 - 1988 - Marvel Comic - FN

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The Incredible Hulk #342 - 1988 - Marvel Comic

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Walking home from work at night, Fiona Webber is consumed with thoughts about how fed up she is with her job. Her thoughts are interrupted when she is confronted by Half-Life. Confusing Fiona for his dead wife, Half-Life embraces her, draining her energy until she is dead.

Meanwhile, the Leader is recording a message to his foe the Hulk, explaining his master plan, boasting over how, by the time the Hulk hears it, his master plan will have already happened and the Hulk will be too late to stop it. He explains that he sent Half-Life to carry out a bunch of murders that will seem random but all play into his scheme. He soon begins working on new weapons in which to use to distract the Hulk while he procures a gamma bomb. He then outfitted Half-Life with a suit of armor with a mounted camera so that the undead creature is more durable in battle. He explains that during the process which transferred Rick Jone's gamma radiation to himself, restoring his power, it created a constant mental link between him and Rick Jones. Although Jones is immune to the Leader's mental powers, the Leader knows everything the Hulk and his allies have been up to. Now the next part of his plan can begin to unfold...