The Incredible Hulk #338 - 1987 - Marvel Comic - GD

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The Incredible Hulk #338 - 1987 - Marvel Comic

Good Condition - Creasing and wear top right corner on cover and pages

Please See Photo For Details

Bruce Banner, Rick Jones, and Clay Quartermain are on the run from S.H.I.E.L.D. Bruce can't recall the events that got them to that point. A woman appears to him in a dream. She proclaims herself to be an angel of mercy. She helps people with particularly burdensome problems by killing them. During a stopover in a diner, Clay has an altercation with an angry trucker. Outside, Bruce is deep in thought when the high tech RV they've been traveling in starts to run him over. It's being driven by the woman from his dream. Bruce grabs onto the underside of the RV and is dragged. Rick manages to jump aboard to stop the vehicle only to find that no one is behind the wheel.

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